teaching mentorship

A small-group, month-long mentorship program for yoga teachers to learn therapeutic principles and observational skills to create a more supportive environment and practice for the students.

The Hañsa Teaching Mentorship includes the study of:

  • Layering & adaptability of sequence

  • Experiential biomechanics VS empirical relationship 

  • Koshas, delusions and human behaviour

  • The rhythm of opposites in movement and meditation

  • Orientation of teaching

  • Observation skills

There will also be homework for teachers to apply what they’ve learned in their teachings.

The mentorship will be done in a small group so that the materials covered can be made relatable to the mentorship participants.

The group will meet twice a week through LIVE Zoom Video conferencing for the lectures. This LIVE calls will also include discussions so participants can share experiences and observations from the classes they’re teaching.


  • A yoga teacher
  • Currently teaching online or offline

FEE: NZD 170 for the whole mentorship

PERIOD: 8 meetings, every Tuesday & Thursday, between 18 May & 10 June 2021

TIME: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5 PM New Zealand, Noon Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam, 7 AM Berlin


Enrollment is closed on Saturday 15th May at Midnight New Zealand Time.

By signing up to this mentorship means you are committing to all 8 meetings and the month-long course of the programme.

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