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Vincent Bolletta

Founder & Director of Hañsa

Founder of Hañsa, Vincent Bolletta has been teaching, and practicing yoga since 1990 and since then has become New Zealand’s foremost yoga instructor and teacher trainer with a wealth of knowledge in biomechanics, yoga therapy, movement therapy, and postural analysis. Hañsa Yoga is a unique style that integrates eastern and western thought and methodologies to the practice of yoga that supports a process of healing and awakening through principles of human fundamental movement patterns and embodiment.

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Cecilia Li

Manager of Hañsa China  |  Director of Hañsa Integrated Movement Centre

Cecilia started practicing yoga since 2003, and has been teaching since 2013. She started following Vincent Bolletta since 2015 and became one of his earliest students in Hañsa therapy.

Cecilia has worked in Beijing’s main yoga studios and has been featured in TimeOut Magazine, Lululemon, Yoga Journal, and Keep Yoga for her teaching. Cecilia has done therapy workshops for many companies such as Microsoft and Lenovo. She also created a project combining Yoga Therapy to Change Management to help individuals to grow. Cecilia is a translator and interpreter specialising in yoga therapy and has translated in many international conferences.

Cecilia is the main teacher of Hañsa China doing Fundamental Training and  Co-teaching with Vincent in Therapy trainings .

Connect with Cecilia: Instagram  |  WeChat ID:  Ego17C

Meta Vashti

Manager of Operations – Hañsa international  |  manager of hañsa Indonesia

Meta was introduced to Yoga in her late teenage years and since then Yoga had gotten her through some of her difficult times in college and professional career. Despite the occassional dabbling with Yoga, she only started started practicing regularly around 2013 when she fell in love with the meditative aspect of the practice. Meta started teaching in 2016 and started immersing in the practice of hañsa since 2017 when she met Vincent Bolletta.

Meta’s teaching is influenced by her knowledge of movement and the human bodies that she gathered while she was studying dance and performing.  Meta enjoys creating a space in her classes for people to connect with themselves on a deeper level. She also loves to guide the students into their own meditative rhythm where a deeper connection can take place.

Meta teaches hañsa at various cities around Indonesia and the region including Bandung, Jakarta, Bali, Gili Air, and Singapore. She is also a yoga translator and has translated for various international teachers in their trainings.

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Liana Yew

Hañsa Flow Instructor

Liana was first introduced to Yoga while studying Dance and Choreography at the Performing Arts School back in 95- 96. Her first yoga teacher was Sharon LightFoot who taught at her dance school and was Iyengar-based. She ignited Liana’s passion and interest for yoga and it grew from there.

Her influences for movement come from Klein Technique, Yoga practices, Alexander Technique and through her own practice as a dancer. She applies these techniques as motivation to find ways that use the body in a more efficient way. Liana’s classes encourage the participants to experiment with the exercises and vocabulary, to allow open and new discoveries in their bodies.

Liana likes her teaching to be playful and to remind her students that yoga can be fun. Liana is one of Vincent Bolletta’s earliest students and has been continuously deepening her study in hañsa.

Jay Garman

Hañsa Flow Instructor

Jay’s approach to yoga is simple – practice regularly, feel better, live happy. His teaching enables students to investigate the habits, stories and patterns that make up their mind-body frameworks, which when expressed through movement, opens the door to transformation.

His first encounter with yoga was as a boy, learning headstands with his grandma in the mountains of California. But it wasn’t until he glided out of a yoga class in LA in the mid-90’s that he realised he’d had a glimpse of a deep and subtle level of self-awareness. Jay has practiced yoga ever since.

Jay is now a New Zealander, living and teaching in Auckland. His yoga exploration has taken him through a variety of styles, philosophies and approaches, some of them more kind on the body than others. His practice — and his passion — is Hañsa Flow. Jay thrives on sharing this powerful but gentle movement and it’s ability to alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, build stability, nurture joy and encourage compassion.

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