principles of flow

online intensive training

7 – 18 DECEMBER 2020

Hañsa Flow is a contemporary movement practice that is designed to support optimal movement performance and postural function with greater ease. Through Hañsa Flow we will further develop an understanding of human movement and natural biomechanical rhythms. 

This Principles of Flow Training guides you through the philosophy of Hañsa Flow to deepen this understanding in order to bring more stability, ease and support to your practice.


This training is delivered intensively within the course of 2 weeks (7 – 18 December) through a combination of online videos and live lecture.


[participant can later take an offline retreat to upgrade the certificate to Level 1 Hañsa Flow Teacher, which then gives them access to Rhythm, Evolve, Freedom, and become an authorised Hañsa Flow teacher]

This training is open to ALL yoga & movement practitioners.

The training includes:

  • 6 LIVE Zoom Lectures

  • 6 Lecture Videos

  • The Hañsa Flow Elements Sequence Videos 

  • Manual

  • Personal feedback on individual practice

  • Certificate of Participation

  • 15 CET hours 

There will also be homeworks given to deepen the understanding of the materials. This includes self-practice and application of the principles within that practice.

Schedule of classes between 7 – 18 December 2020:

Each LIVE class runs approximately 60-75 minutes.

Schedule & topic might change slightly.

FEE: NZD 275

TRAINING PERIOD: 7 – 18 December

TIME for LIVE Classes: , 5 PM Auckland, 3 PM Sydney, 11 AM Jakarta/ Bangkok/ Ho Chi Minh City, 8 PM Los Angeles

Enrollment is closed on Saturday, 5th December, at Midnight New Zealand Time.

By signing up to this training, you are committing to all 6 LIVE meetings and self-studies during the 2-week period of the programme.

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