Hañsa Flow Therapeutic Series

Christchurch, New Zealand

April 4th-5th, July 25th – 26th, November 7th-8th

Three series of therapeutic flow workshops to bring more freedom in your movement. 


The practice of Hañsa Flow is an integrative process that draws on several ideas that support the student’s ability to move and live well. 

Hañsa Flow explores the art of moving from the inside out. We learn to use the inner rhythms and spirals of the body to support and restore function and health. Hañsa Flow has also been designed to address any physical issues; it’s a practice that supports all practitioners from beginners to advance.  

April 4th – 5th  –  Advancing Flow

Join us for a weekend dedicated to practice and teaching development in Hañsa therapeutic flow as a movement form. Explore and practice movement, flow sequencing and the functional benefits of Hañsa yoga. This workshop creates a practical platform to deepen the exploration of self-practice as a foundation for teaching others. Suitable for practitioners, teachers and students with an interest in Hañsa flow and easeful movement. 

July 25th – 26th  –  Spiral Dynamics in Movement

Learn how to understand and apply the concepts of spiral dynamics in Hañsa therapeutic flow practice. This weekend workshop provides an opportunity to expand, deepen, or introduce the experience of Hañsa yoga in dynamic movement and yoga-inspired movement practices. Revisit and reconnect to the self’s intrinsic desire to spiral in movement through creative, easeful sequencing in practice. 

November 7th – 8th  –  Patterns of Flow

This weekend workshop creates an environment to explore patterns of movement progression, such as cross linking, to develop the stability required for easeful seamless flow in personal practice and teaching yoga, or other movement practices. Ease is created when stability and mobility are balanced, yet dynamic and adaptable. Learn how to apply a greater understanding of pattern expression in dynamic movement with practice in Hañsa therapeutic flow sequencing. 

Vincent Bolletta & Hañsa

Vincent is the founder of Hañsa, a unique style that integrates eastern and western thought and methodologies to the practice of yoga, movement, and therapy.

Hañsa has developed an 800 hours yoga therapy professional training programme that supports a process of healing and awakening through principles of human fundamental movement patterns and embodiment. Using this as the basis to gain greater insight into individual function as well as understanding one’s physical, mental and energetic needs.

More on Vincent Bolletta, and more on Hañsa.

This series of workshops is presented by MoveWell & Hañsa International Therapy System, in association with Flow Hot Yoga.

Workshop Details

Fee: NZD 350 per workshop

Location: MoveWell, Christchurch, New Zealand 


Registration Details

To register, please visit MoveWell on this link.


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