hañsa flow®

Designed to support optimal movement performance and postural function with greater ease.

Hañsa Flow® is designed to support optimal movement performance and postural function with greater ease. Through Hañsa Flow we will further develop an understanding of human movement and natural biomechanical rhythms.

Hañsa Flow strips back developmental movement to its seed form to explore functionality, integration and balance from both an experiential and scientific prospective.

Within the Hañsa Flow practice all human body movement potential is explored in a safe and adaptive manner. By creating dialogue about relevance and appropriateness of movement we will begin to investigate our intentions verses our current relationships to individual function of our physical, mental and energetic needs. We will also explore the subtle aspects of our breath in pursuit of supporting our bodies skeletal architecture and intricate interlinking muscular relationships that support function both on an internal and external basis.

The artistry of moving from an internal form will be discussed through the integration of both eastern and western philosophy and methodologies. Hañsa Flow will unravel and engage our movement habits in a way that will evoke a greater postural reconnection that will not only enhance skill, grace and poise on all levels but also support, reintegrate and rehabilitate patterns of misuse.

Hañsa Flow Programs

Hañsa Flow programs are based upon a layered choreographic system that supports the practitioner to fully realise their individual physical goals. There are four levels of practice from basic, intermediate and advanced movement formats that support beginners and experienced students to understand the Hañsa Flow system.

Our final Hañsa Flow program has been created to challenge the more experienced teacher or seasoned practitioner to fully realise their movement potential and further explore alternative ways of sensing and interacting with space and body movement.

  • The Hañsa Flow choreographic system is taught via a tiered approach where movement phrases are delivered in stages to support students learning styles. Students will learn that demonstration and appropriate language techniques are essential building blocks to presenting Hañsa Flow which gives greater movement opportunities to all students.
  • The Hansa Flow training is about giving the student a unique and direct experience of their bodies, a process that may start to question or deconstruct any general stereotypes that we have of our bodies, yoga and movement.
  • Hañsa Flow training is about giving students opportunities to further empower and support their unique yogic journey.


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