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online videos that you can access anywhere in the world

The Hañsa education online is an online platform that is created to bring hañsa flow and hañsa therapy to the comfort of your homes. 

The videos in the Hañsa education online will be updated on a quarterly basis to support your continuous growth in Hañsa Yoga.

Access to the single practice videos is open to all. Access to the flow series are open to students who have successfully completed a Hañsa Flow Certification Intensive and been certified as a Hañsa Flow teacher.

Here are the contents available at the hañsa online education platform:

hañsa flow

Single practice videos

Looking for shorter practice videos that you can do anytime at home? You can purchase access to these videos and begin your hañsa flow practice.

Get each video at NZD 9.99 or purchase a bundle of all 8 at NZD 70.

  • If you’ve previously created an account with us, please login first, before making your purchase.
  • Once purchased, video will appear under the “Education Online” menu > “My Account” > “Single Practice Videos”.

Practice 1

running time: 07:34

A standing sequence with rotations and lunges. Teaching the body to coordinate while moving in an fluid, rythmic manner.

Practice 2

running time: 06:49

A sequence that is stronger on the legs. The sequence encourages hip rotations and a connection between mobility and stability.

Practice 3

running time: 07:52

A practice that starts from high to low gravitational influences; from standing to the floor and back up. A practice that also talks about circularity.

Practice 4

running time: 09:01

A practice that is more compact and closer to the floor. It requires a little bit more creativity on how to get from one shape to the next while navigating our centres.

Practice 5

running time: 10:12

A standing sequence with balance and rotations that is more demanding on one leg. It is a practice to find balance and finding our centre as we move.

Practice 6

running time: 10:03

A standing practice that takes us to the floor. It teaches stability and mobility of our hips. It’s a practice to maintain integrity between these 2 qualities of support.

Practice 7

running time: 09:14

A sequence that takes you from downdog to sitting, while exploring the mat in a different way. The practice plays with the idea of pulsations and integrate the many forces that are transmitted throughout the body and how to manage them in a way that brings longevity to the body.

Practice 8

running time: 09:04

A practice on the floor that has a sense of fluidity. It plays with a lower gravitational influence. The practice also has several angles to work with and therefore challenges our spatial awareness as well.

Purchase all at NZD 70 (and Save NZD 9.9)

hañsa flow

Practice Series

Get our popular Hañsa flow practice series! These series can be purchased when you take a Flow Certification intensive. To find our next training dates, click here.

hañsa flow


Available for purchase at USD 39.99 (NZD 62.99) when you take a Hañsa Flow Certification – Elements Training. Access to purchase link will be provided at the completion of the training.

hañsa flow


Available for purchase at USD 39.99 (NZD 62.99) when you take a Hañsa Flow Certification – Rhythm Training. Access to purchase link will be provided at the completion of the training.

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