Germany Hañsa Flow & Hañsa Therapy Online Workshop

Hañsa Flow, Saturday 14 November 2020, 8-10 AM Berlin (GMT+2)

Hañsa Therapy, Sunday, 15 November 2020, 8-10 AM Berlin (GMT+2)

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*workshop fee is charged in New Zealand Dollar. Actual charge in Euro varies based on the currency exchange rate at the time.

Package can be purchased at €56* for two online workshops, instead the €34* for each workshop. That’s a total savings of €12*.

Once purchased, please click “SCHEDULE” on the confirmation page and use the code received to register yourself to the individual sessions (flow & therapy). You have to schedule each workshop one at a time. So, make sure you register for both.

hansa yoga international with Vincent Bolletta

Hañsa Flow

A therapeutic movement practice designed to support optimal movement performance and postural function with greater ease. Through Hañsa Flow we will further develop an understanding of human movement and natural biomechanical rhythms.

hansa yoga international with Vincent Bolletta

Hañsa Therapy

A methodology and a guided approach that leads us to inquire further in the challenges of maintaining normal functional and dealing with the many aspects of the human condition. Hañsa Therapy combines both Western and Eastern principles and methodologies from developmental movement principles to applied biomechanics and specific protocols of postural assessment.

hansa yoga international with Vincent Bolletta

Our Founder

Vincent Bolletta has spent his yoga journey exploring the many styles of yoga, searching for the essence of the yoga practice and how it applies to the functional lives of everyday practitioners.

Vincent is one of New Zealand’s foremost yoga instructors and teacher trainer with a wealth of knowledge in biomechanics, yoga therapy and much more.

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