Hañsa Therapeutic Flow

Bali Certification Intensive with Vincent Bolletta

11 -16 March 2020 at Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Join us for a 6-day intensive in beautiful Ubud Bali at the world-renowned Yoga Barn!

The Hañsa Therapeutic Flow certification is a yoga intensive that is suitable for all yoga practitioners who are looking to go deeper into the understanding of their own bodies.

The practice of Hañsa Flow is an integrative process that draws on several ideas that support the student’s ability to move and live well.

Hañsa Flow is a yoga program that is specifically designed to cater to individual personal needs in a group setting.  Hañsa Flow programs encourage a higher therapeutic element to the current contemporary yoga practices and body movement modalities.  Based on Hañsa international therapeutic system, Hañsa Flow classes are sound, safe and sequenced to support functionality, growth and developing knowledge to optimise health.

The Hañsa Flow practices are sequenced to have four repeated bio-rhythmical themes that will be updated for certified teachers quarterly.  Each theme will align with developmental patterns that support posture, encourage efficient movement and overall ease. The goal is to develop practices that create supportive environments for deep self-learning and assist each student self-regulate their own body. 

The Hañsa Flow certifications intensives have been developed to introduce students to the fundamental mechanics of yoga therapy. The certification intensives match the vinyasa-based model, and Its primary objective is to talk about yoga through the idea of “transitioning” rather than the traditional view of posture. Teaching methodology will cover eastern and western concepts, with a specific emphasis on contemporary models like developmental patterns ideology and the evolutionary body movement concepts. 

What You Will Learn:

  1. A safe, valid sequence that is 90 – 60 min yoga practice.
  2. Working through the Hañsa Flow® choreography of Hañsa Rhythms.
  3. Learning unique cueing and movement techniques that support biomechanics.
  4. Understanding principles of body movement.
  5. Mandala geometry and its influence on rhythm, space and circular shaping.
  6. Developmental movement and its influence in choreography.
  7. Learning how language is essential to develop an environment that supports students learning and motivation.

Continuous Support

Certified Hañsa Flow teachers will enter into an online community and pathway that supports individual growth and learning through updated knowledge, sequences and opportunities for feedback. There will be further offline possibilities to expand one’s range of skills within the yoga and therapeutic realm of practice. Throughout the given year, there will be regular workshops to support learning and developing new and improved ways to present and deliver information. The educational pathway is a simple model that meets each student where they are.


Vincent Bolletta & Hañsa Yoga

Vincent is the founder of Hañsa Yoga, a unique style that integrates eastern and western thought and methodologies to the practice of yoga.

Hansa Yoga has developed an 800 hours yoga therapy professional training programme that supports a process of healing and awakening through principles of human fundamental movement patterns and embodiment. Using this as the basis to gain greater insight into individual function as well as understanding one’s physical, mental and energetic needs.

More on Vincent Bolletta, and more on Hañsa Yoga.

Intensive Details

Date: 11 – 16 March, 2020

Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm daily, with 1.5 hour lunch break

Intensive Fee:

Early bird special price if paid in full by 31 January 2019: NZD 1,250 

Regular price: NZD 1500

Non-refundable deposit: NZD 500

Fee does not include meal and accommodation. Please organise on your own.

Registration Details

To register, please email info@hansa.yoga .

Payment options:

Bank transfer (preferred). Please email to discuss making a transfer.

PayPal : Please email to register yourself before making a payment through Paypal.

PayPal payment can be made through this link or by clicking the button below.

(Please save your proof of payment and email that to info@hansa.yoga after completing the payment)

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